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Introducing Russia's Travel Insiders

Cast your votes for Russian travel awards

Apr 11, 2011

Voter registration is now open at for Russian tourists to cast their votes for their favorite Russian tourist attractions. The only place one can vote for the My Planet Travel Awards is online at the Russian website.

The Russian language website is different in important ways to the English site. As well as profiling all the nominees in Russian, the Russian site has been created as a portal for Russian tourists to read about the latest international travel trends.

My Planet Travel Awards is delighted to unveil a new feature: Russia's ‚ÄúTravel Insiders‚ÄĚ ( ). Each Insider is a seasoned international traveler, or has been intimately involved in the Russian travel industry for many years. They will be writing regularly - describing their travel experiences, sharing top tips, and passing on the latest news about new destinations. The Travel Insiders include journalists, business people, and celebrities, including Alexei Smertin, former captain of the Russian National Football team; Svetlana Rutskaya, a presenter on Moya PlanetaTV; and Svetlana Samarianova, Director, Morgan Travel.

Other features on the Russian site include the news feed ( ), which carries stories about Russian outbound travel. If you would like to share your company's latest news and promotions, please contact the organizers of the My Planet Travel Awards.

The Russian Twitter feed is @myplanetawardRU and please visit the Russian language Facebook page at .

Cast your votes for Russian travel awards
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