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Chinese Tourism To Japan

Chinese tourists biggest spenders in Japan

Apr 10, 2011

TOKYO — Foreign visitors to Japan spent roughly 1.15 trillion yen in 2010, with Chinese accounting for the biggest slice at 249.8 billion yen, followed by South Koreans at 197.3 billion yen and Taiwanese at 131.8 billion yen, according to a recent survey by the Japan Tourism Agency.

In 2010, around 8.61 million foreign nationals visited Japan, according to the agency. Spending covers the cost of hotel accommodations, dining, shopping and transportation including payments made before visiting the country.

Visitors spent on average 133,000 yen in Japan. The French were the biggest spenders per person, averaging 233,000 yen. Russians came in second at 223,000 yen. Indians and Chinese were third at 177,000 yen.

Asian visitors were apparently spending large amounts on shopping such as clothing, food and liquor. Around 49% of spending per person by Chinese visitors, for instance, went on shopping, the data showed.

Confectionaries were the most favored souvenir purchased by roughly half the visitors. Other popular items include beverages, liquor, tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, toiletry products such as shampoos and bath powders.

Chinese tourists biggest spenders in Japan
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