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The Promises Of Africa

Seychelles reacts to report in the International Herald Tribune

Mar 31, 2011

The Seychelles Tourism Board has reacted positively to the two pages written on the Seychelles as was published on March 24 in the global edition of the International Herald Tribune.

The two-page report, entitled "The Seychelles, more than paradise" is the first of a series on "The Promises Of Africa." "The Seychelles, more than paradise" investigates the transformation of the Seychelles’economy that has reinvigorated the tourism, banking, and offshore financial sectors.

The report highlights the positive effects of private sector investment in creating the dynamic culture and entrepreneurial climate currently enjoyed by the Seychelles. While the islands have an excellent reputation for luxury tourism, their target market has been expanded with the "affordable Seychelles" campaign. As always, maintaining land conservation is a top priority.

NBCom produced the pages on Seychelles with Florence Paque, Alexander Zebrose, and Jack Boulter as the Production and Writeup Team and Sonia Bertho as the Project Manager.

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, who was contacted for his impressions on the two-page writeup said that a feature in the International Herald Tribune brings our country to the doors of so many potential visitors and investors. “The interviews conducted on the Seychelles covered many aspects of our islands, and they will go a long way in positioning the unique ‘Seychelles Brand’ of tourism and development in all our main markets,” Alain St.Ange said.

Seychelles reacts to report in the International Herald Tribune
Photo from Seychelles Tourism Board

Source: Seychelles Tourism Board

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