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Saudi Travel Statistics

Tendencies of Saudi tourists

Mar 30, 2011

Applied statistics and studies surveying tendencies and wishes of Saudi tourists manifest that 4.5 million Saudi nationals spent their summer vacation 2010 abroad, and spent US$33 billion. Further, the study manifests that 74% plan to travel every year, which is deemed a higher percentage among GCC states and all Arabian states.

Forty-five percent of Saudi tourists tend to travel to Egyptian states such as Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, while 30% tend to travel to western Europe such as Switzerland, Austria, and France. The United States of America, especially states of California and Florida, comes second in rank, then eastern Asia states: Malaysia and Indonesia.

Tourism in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia depends on common family travel conception, while 18% prefers individual travel, 70% travel for entertainment, and 3-5% travel for treatment.

Recognizing these trends, India Tourism, Jordan Tourism Board, Lufthansa, Swiss Air,GNTO, Saudi Airlines, Egypt Tourism, Oman Tourism, Turkey Tourism, Tourism Malaysia, Indonesian Ministry of Culture &Tourism, Ras Al Khaimah Gov., Austria National Tourism Office, Maldives (MATATO) Morocco Tourism, officially joined the Riyadh Travel Fair (RTF) that will be held this year from May 23-26 in the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Tendencies of Saudi tourists
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