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Seychelles Tourism Board to consult for Gabon

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Mar 29, 2011

(eTN) - Impressed by the sterling performance of the Seychelles tourism industry and the concerted efforts of the private and public sector to sell "Brand Seychelles" around the world, the Gabon government recently invited the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Chief Executive Alain St.Ange to Libreville to discuss closer cooperation between the two African Union member countries. While in Gabon, Alain St. Ange met with the minister responsible for tourism in this West African nation, the Hon. Magloire Ngambia, and tourism advisor Annie Blondel for extensive talks, following which it was agreed to have a formal agreement drawn up between the two governments to map out future cooperation.

Information from the Seychelles reveals a large scope for the consulting team, including the setting up of a Gabon Tourist Board, tourist information offices, training cooperation with the Seychelles Tourism Academy, an institution respected around the African continent, the production of tourism guide material, and also creating a new regulatory and supervisory framework for the sector with special emphasis towards the hospitality industry.

The Seychelles have in recent years aggressively marketed the country and developed a vision for the economically most important tourism industry for coming years to ensure that an ever-increasing number of visitors receives excellent services wherever they stay, from locally-owned and managed bed and breakfast establishments to luxury resorts, second to none from anywhere in the world.

Well done indeed and bouquets galore for sharing the Seychelles tourism experience with those countries in Africa who can do with some help.

Seychelles Tourism Board to consult for Gabon
Seychelles President James Michel & Alain St.Ange, Tourism CEO, at tourism industry meeting

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