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UNESCO Warning Leads To Bird Ban

Birds banned from Malaysian tourist island

Mar 10, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — UNESCO warning resulted in tens of thousands of birds, cultivated for their edible nests, being banned from Kuala Lumpur's tourist island. U.N. cultural agency warned that the business endangers efforts to preserve decades-old buildings.

According to AP, the bird breeders on northern Penang island voiced fears Thursday that the ban would disrupt the lucrative business that existed for years before UNESCO placed Georgetown on its list of World Heritage Sites in 2008.

A spot on the list helps attract tourists and U.N. grants but authorities have to follow restrictions to limit changes to the landscape. The restrictions pose a problem for entrepreneurs in Georgetown who convert old buildings into small farms where sparrow-like swiftlets live.

Birds banned from Malaysian tourist island
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Source: AP

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