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Carnival Of Carnivals

TV stations from around the world continue to be impressed by Seychelles carnival

Mar 09, 2011

TV reporters joined the ongoing interest alongside the many written press who descended on Seychelles for the first edition of the tropical islands' "Carnival of Carnivals." Seychelles is being seen as the host of a new event that is now offering to the Community of Nations an annual meeting place to showcase their own culture, diversity, and unique selling points. The Seychelles Tourism Board has said that they are not just organizing a carnival like other existing carnivals, but that they are instead looking for an event that goes way beyond politics and where everyone is a person and respected as such.

‚ÄúEvery year the Community of Nations meet at the United Nation‚Äôs General Assembly, and over the years, countries have walked out of the Assembly Session when a speaker takes the floor. This is followed by another group walking out when another speaker moves to address the General Assembly. The 'Carnival of Carnivals' offers every country the possibility to participate at an event without any political barriers and where respect for participating delegations is displayed,‚ÄĚ said Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board to the visiting press.

The Seychelles has impressed the world press with their innovative idea of a "Carnival of Carnivals." This yea,r they managed to bring to Seychelles twenty-one international floats, which included the Notting Hill carnival from the United Kingdom and Lima Calbio, the Trinadad & Tobago Soca Queen. They have now raised their own benchmar,k wanting to see a delegation from the Rio Carnival, the Nice Carnival from France, and the Carnival de Venise from Italy to also be present. The African Community (Zimbabwe, Tanzania & Zanzibar, and South Africa) have brought color and culture with a difference, as was also seen by the Asian participants from India, Korea, China, and Indonesia. La Reunion and Madagascar displayed the Indian Ocean islands alongside the many Seychelles floats in the parade, and they echoed the Vanilla Islands' concept of the Indian Ocean islands. Europe was also well represened with France, Italy, and the UK standing strong among all the other floats.

‚ÄúThe diversity among the float displays made it so interesting, and it provided a difference to other carnival parades,‚ÄĚ echoed the press and onlookers at the Seychelles carnival. The "Melting Pot of Cultures," the popular tag line put forward for the Seychelles carnival has been brought to life by the diversity of cultures meeting in Seychelles for their carnival with a difference.

TV stations from around the world continue to be impressed by Seychelles carnival
French TV interviewing Alain St.Ange during the Seychelles carnival /Photo: Seychelles Tourism Board

Source: Seychelles Tourism Board

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