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Lecce: The international festival of film on tourism to relaunch Salento area

Mar 08, 2011

"The International Tourist Film Festival to be held in Lecce next May 25-29, is just one of many initiatives undertaken to promote the Salento, one of the most charming districts of the Apulia Region, (geographically featured as the “heel" of the country)," confirmed Stefania Mandurino, Apt Commissioner of Lecce and passionate promoter of Puglia, a region with a commendable solar spectrum offering its bright scenes through documentaries and commendable authors.

There are many surprises for those who put on the agenda a trip to Salento in 2011 - not only Lecce, the capital of “Baroque Architecture," but also all that revolve around one hundred cities that offer surprises in every corner, including those led by food and wine-wise draughts of "Primitivo di Manduria," a traditional wine of the region.

The widespread welcome hospitality among the old villages, sweeping "Notte della Taranta" (the ancient rites which see wheat hand harvester women of the nineteenth century fall into a trance caused by the stung of a spider), open museums (in addition to wineries mills), educational farms (for thematic educational trips), music events, and country style parties of unparalleled public illumination are all offered against the background of a transparent sea and pristine beaches, as Pasquale Squitieri's testimonial of the "Tourist Film Festival" states, with "hard-working people and sound principles." For information, call 0832.332463 or email .


"A hundred cities, a thousand voices” - this is the motto of the 15th edition of the Bourse of Tourism “Arts and Events 100 Italian Cities,” presented last week in Rome by the patron Maria Chiara Ronchi, along with Confesercenti, Enit, Unioncamere, and Unicredit. Many of the novelties in store at the 2011 (May 27-29) edition to be held in Ravenna are sourronded by exclusive scenarios: easier access to the workshop (pre-registration online to optimize the scheduling of meetings), consultation of catalogs with password, driven visits of tour operators to the booths with "new products," methods and approach to emerging markets (China, India, Russia, Brazil, Argentina), aggressive food and wine performance, and more. Godmother, the young Sara Errani of pure Romagna origin (the city of Ravenna is within the Romagna region), one the top 50 tennis players in the world will be present.

Prior to the above, on May 26, the city of Bologna will host a UNESCO meeting to support the candidacy of its "Arcades" as a World Heritage listing. For information, call + 0532.209499 or email .


The Palazzo Reale (the Royal Palace) in Milano will host the masterpieces of the Clark Collection dedicated to the impressionists. The exhibition is open until June 19, 2011.

At the same venue, will be the exhibition that illustrates the artistic journey of Savinio, the great forerunner of the post-modern arts, who was able to restore "the informal form of consciousness and unconsciousness." Savinio was the youngest of the brothers of De Chirico: among the exhibits on the theme of the "mask of myth" can be see the "Battle of the Centaurs," "The dream of Achilles," the "Birth of Venus," and games such as metaphysical well summarized in “abandoned objects in the forest” and “Walk Pompeiana."

Other important painting exhibitions: Palermo (Area Teypat) Daniela Longo staff dedicated to women in Gallarate (Maga), Master Alberto Giacometti, Florence (Galleria degli Uffizi) one hundred drawings Leonardo to Titian, Pollaiolo by Mantegna, in Barletta (De Nittis art gallery) 800 Italian painting in the East, in Cortona (Palazzo Casali) "to the Etruscans from the river Tiber."


There is a three-year plan with changes to the organizational system of tourism in Lazio Region (Rome is in the Lazio Region). The first plan was approved several weeks ago (the only region to have done so). As for the changes, the Head of Tourism of Lazio Region, Stefano Zappala, and the President of the Regional Council Giancarlo Miele have held an exhausting round of hearings to correct the roll of an Act of 2007 (and implementing regulations), which since then has only created problems in public institutions, local authorities, businesses, and tourists, preventing a faster and more harmonious regional tourism development. Looking back to the failure of the Agency of Tourism spa on which the old Board relied, this attempt of modification resulted to be a failure.

Many among the themes to review, analyze, and maintain are: the reorganization of the council department, update the hotel and extra categories classification; streamline procedures; provide a uniform interpretation of legislation; promote the province territories; review regional tax systems, local tourism systems, maritime domain, the tourist card, abusiveness, new professionalities, emerging sports tourism activities (golf, horse riding,) and more.

Lecce: The international festival of film on tourism to relaunch Salento area
Belltower of the Cathedral of Lecce

Source: Union Turismo

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