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Cost Kept At Bay For Now

Smart move keeps Kenyan visa fees at current price

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Feb 27, 2011

(eTN) - The Kenyan government, according to a well-placed source in Nairobi, is set to keep the fees for a tourist visa at US$25 per person, and will only review this by July 2011. The savings, for instance for a family of four, runs into US$100, money tourists then spend in restaurants, curio shops, or on excursions, spreading money directly into the Kenyan economy rather than collecting it at entry and being kept by government.

The other East African countries other than Rwanda, where notably many nationalities are exempt from paying for a visa – thus contributing to the fast-rising demand for tourism in this country in recent years – continue to charge US$50, making holidays there more expensive.

The long advocated for common East African visa has still not gone beyond the planning stages, a pathetic state of affairs considering the idea was floated [incidentally by this correspondent] at an EAC (East African Community) Committee meeting on tourism and wildlife back in 2002 and been "welcomed" – not too welcome though for some who continue to delay and obstruct this crucial element in making tourist visits to the entire region "easier and cheaper."

It has also been ascertained that both envy, as well as anger, is extended towards Kenya over this decision by her neighbors, where in particular immigration officials talk of undercutting instead of considering joining hands in lowering entrance fees in line with Kenya and finally agreeing on a common visa and its administration.

Smart move keeps Kenyan visa fees at current price
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