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European Airspace Is Still Off Limit For TAAG

European Union keeps Angola's airline on blacklist

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Apr 14, 2008

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission Friday decided to keep Angola’s flag flyer, on its blacklist of airlines banned from European airspace for at least another three months, as it considered that “there continue to be significant deficiencies in the area of safety.”

“The decision takes into account the efforts made by the airline an by the Angolan authorities, “ the European Commission said in a statement, adding that corrections needed to be made for TAAG to be taken off the list.

The EC´s decision was made following a meeting of the EU Air Safety Committee in Brussels, last week.

The blacklist is updated on a quarterly basis.

The next meeting of the committee is therefore due to take place in July.

Brussels announced the blacklisting of TAAG due to safety concerns on 4 July 2007.

European Union keeps Angola's airline on blacklist

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