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Only Boutique Hotel In Safranbolu City

Old Ottoman house in Turkey known as Imren Lokum Konak open to visitors

Katia Freire  Feb 24, 2011

During my visit to Safranbolu, I was lucky to stay at a very charming boutique hotel, the only one in the city and surrounding areas. Let me tell you about "Imren Lokum Konak."

İt is an old Ottoman house belonging to a traditional family from Safranbolu district. After being restored by heirs of this family, headed by Hidayet Sezer – founder and owner of a traditional confectioner of Lokum - the so-called “Turkish Delight” – this historical residence with its unique style was oppened to visitors in 2009.

Upon your arrival during check in, visitors are offered a tray of “Imren Lokum” in multiple shapes and fillings – served together with the typical small glasses of çay.

The wooden ceilings, windows,balustrades, floors, cupboards, doors, and roof - which are “key” in Ottoman architecture – are very well preserved. The 200+-year-old residence is adorned with woodworking particular to Safranbol, where you can still smell the scent of Yellow Pine and Walnut.

The restaurant opens to the inner garden, with a fireplace and a small fountain.

The Manager – Mr. Mehmet çetin - was proud to show me all the photos of his ancestors, which covers the walls of the corridors that are lit by kerosene lamps, along with the collection of historical items that belonged to their families.

Each of the 18 rooms is delicately decorated with high-quality Turkish cotton linen and lots of charming embroideries. Any man or woman with good taste would love to have these pieces in their own homes.

Imren Konak Boutique Hotel deserves so much more of our attention than these few paragraphs, so until you have the opportunity to experience it for yourself, enjoy spending some time at their website: .

Old Ottoman house in Turkey known as Imren Lokum Konak open to visitors

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