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Golf War?

Turkey plots to steal Spain’s golf tourists

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Apr 14, 2008

As Turkey makes plans to add 100 new courses, Spain’s tourism sector can expect some competition.

At the last count, Spain had over 350 golf courses, attracting so many wealthy tourist to areas such as the Costa del Sol that golf generated €900m in the Málaga province alone in 2006.

It’s clear that Turkey has some catching up to do but with one and a half times the area to choose from, a similar sunny climate thanks to sharing the same latitude, and one of the fastest growing tourist industries on the planet, Turkey is set to become a leading golf destination.

Already, the tourism sector is thriving, with the number of foreign tourists visiting the country leaping from18.5 million in 2006 to 23.8 million in 2007, a 29 per cent increase.

Currently the country has less than 20 courses, but with plans already in place for 100 new golf courses, revenue from the burgeoning golf hotspot are expected to hit €500m by 2010.
Adam Godwin, Marketing Director for Dream Homes WorldWide, believes that the resort town of Bodrum in the Mugla province, will be a key area.

Up until now Turkey’s golf has been concentrated around Istanbul and Mediterranean Belek, but the southwestern province of Mugla is the one to watch. A holiday hotspot taking around 70 per cent of all tourist arrivals to the country, Mugla has over 1,100km of coastline and marinas.

“With the number of golf courses rising exponentially, the Bodrum area will become on a par with the Costa del Sol as a serious destination for UK and Ireland-based golfers who will pay considerably less than the average £65 for a round on the Costas,” Adam says. “Those who get in early in prime projects will enjoy significant price rises over the next five to ten years; we’re already experiencing capital appreciation around 15 per cent per annum largely thanks to recent infrastructural improvements. The Bodrum area is what we describe as a ‘classic lifestyle investors destination’. Personal use is the key driver but with the added bonus of possible rentals and increased value of the property.”

Turkey plots to steal Spain’s golf tourists

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