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One woman proves that luck is opportunity meeting preparedness.

Opportunity meeting preparedness in child trafficking.

Sandy Dhuyvetter, BusinessTravelRADIO  Feb 14, 2011

Changing young peoples lives is what Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) is doing. From Haiti to Thailand and around the world, AAI is proving that one woman's thoughtful approach to life has brought about relief for thousands of children from disease, malnourishment and now sex trafficking.
Nancy and her team at AAI have approached this epidemic offense by offering training to Airline Crews.

Just finishing their first round of training at American Airlines, Nancy is ready to take the next step and offer her ground breaking techniques to all transports companies and facilities who see children move from point to point. Call them now!

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Opportunity meeting preparedness in child trafficking.
Nancy Rivard, founder Airline Ambassador International

Source: BusinessTravelRADIO

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