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Israeli Police Rescue Abducted Tourist

Tourist forced into prostitution in Tel Aviv

Feb 10, 2011

Tel Aviv police arrested three people on Tuesday on suspicion of kidnapping a 23-year-old tourist and forcing her into a prostitution ring.

The woman arrived in Israel from Ecuador about a week ago in order to tour the country, according to her.

Once she landed in Ben-Gurion Airport, she took a cab to a Tel Aviv hotel, when the cab driver allegedly noticed that the young woman was confused and decided to connect her with two of the suspects in order to force her into prostitution.

The woman was taken without her knowledge to a Ramat Gan hotel, where the two men met her and pretended that they will show her around and find her a job. The following day, another man, the main suspect in the case, came with the other two men and tried to rape the woman in her hotel room. The woman pushed the man away, and in response he threatened her that if she wanted to live, she will have to prostitute herself and give him the profits.

According to an initial investigation, two of the suspects jailed the woman in a hotel room and sent her clients, and pocketed the money she earned.

Tel Aviv police arrived at the scene on Tuesday, where the woman was found with one of the suspects. The woman started crying and told police that they '"saved her." She said that she was shocked from what happened to her, and that the suspects were very cruel to her during the entire period she was jailed.

Tourist forced into prostitution in Tel Aviv
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