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Jubilee Year Invitation To Slovenians

Slovenian tourism launches Homecoming project

Feb 08, 2011

In 2011 the Republic of Slovenia will be celebrating 20 years since its declaration of national independence. For this jubilee year, the Slovenian Tourist Board together with the Slovenian Government’s Communication Office and Office for Slovenians Abroad has drawn up a “Homecoming” project, through which it is seeking to attract to Slovenia as many Slovenians as possible living around the world, as well as their relatives, descendants and friends, with the focus on socialising and getting to know Slovenia and its heritage.

The main get-together for Slovenians will be held on 1 July 2011 in Ljubljana under the banner of “WELCOME HOME”, but this will mark only the peak of a series of tourism-related events that will take place across Slovenia throughout 2011.

At the crossroads of the Romance, Germanic and Slavic cultures in Europe, and throughout a turbulent history involving various country and state formations, then in the most recent decades with distinctly open borders, the Slovenians have remained a surprisingly homogeneous national community, one with members beyond the national borders and on other continents. In recent years there has been growing interest among expatriates in visiting Slovenia. All those who have not yet visited the country of their ancestors will have even more reason to do so in 2011, since throughout the year the “Homecoming” project will involve a great many events, while special promotional tourist offers will be featured.

In cooperation with a number of travel agents, the Slovenian Tourist Board has prepared a range of promotional packages and offers, in the hope of making it easier for people to decide on a visit to Slovenia, and making the travel more attractive. The calendar of events – which should be attractive for Slovenians abroad as well as tourists who have some special association with Slovenia – and the special promotional packages can be viewed on the Homecoming website, which the Slovenian Tourist Board has set up especially for this project, and the site will be continuously updated with new features. The site is also intended as a forum for exchanging impressions and memories of the original ancestral homeland, and will include a variety of interactive sections and rewards, while expatriates will also be invited to visit Slovenia via various social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, FourSquare) and other representational efforts by Slovenia’s tourism sector.

All details of the main event will also be published on the website of the Office for Slovenians Abroad, and on the portal for Slovenians abroad.

We should also point out another special website involved in the 20th anniversary of Slovenian independence, which gives details of all the events plus a cross-section of 20 years of Slovenian independence, and here you can read various stories, views and thoughts contributed along the way by a range of prominent Slovenians.

Slovenian tourism launches Homecoming project
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