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Demand For More Flights

Airline news: Emirates boosts connectivity

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Feb 07, 2011

UGANDA (eTN) - Information received from the local Emirates office confirmed that it will expand its connectivity across the board by adding more destinations and increasing frequencies, as demand for their flights had not only recovered from the past economic and financial crisis, but is booming.

Vienna in Austria will see its daily service rise to 11 per week come the end of March, at which time the airline will also be going double daily from Dubai to the Seychelles.

Other European, North American, and Asia/Pacific destinations are benefiting from the airline’s steady expansion, and as more aircraft are being delivered to them more, more routes will also be operated by larger aircraft such as the sky giant Airbus A380.

The airline has also offered special deals for Ugandans to fly to Dubai for the annual shopping festival in February, giving exceptional value in terms of hotel packages, leave alone the huge discounts available for shoppers in the main malls across Dubai.

Airline news: Emirates boosts connectivity
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