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Absolutely On The Beach

The Beachfront Club: new global expert on true beachfront hotels

Feb 01, 2011

BANGKOK, Thailand - By certifying "qualified" hotels as "true beachfront," and giving visitors detailed proof of their absolute on-the-beach locations, The Beachfront Club appears set to stir up hotels and booking patterns along the beaches of the world.

The first-ever global authority on beachfront hotels has emerged, awarding "true beachfront" qualifications to hotels that meet its stringent criteria: no roads or traffic between the hotel and the beach. This hi-tech newcomer, The Beachfront Club, has certified over 8,400 accommodations around the world as "true beachfront" and expects about 10,000 will eventually be found and qualified.

Kicking sand in the face of tradition and snob value, its membership includes properties ranging from budget to 5-star – just so long as they are right on the beach or oceanfront.

To prove that its qualified hotels are genuinely on the beach, this online club has created almost 2,000 hi-tech beach maps that display its member hotels by their boundaries, illustrating the exact shape, size, and position of each hotel in detail never seen before. Below these lie satellite images, providing additional verification of on-the-beach locations. See

The Beachfront Club will thus allow millions of users to find all absolute beachfront hotels with an easy-to-navigate tool, which cuts out those that are not right on the beach – effectively drawing a line down the beaches. This is sure to create a windfall for the qualified hotels on the "right" side of that line.

The power of "true beachfront" branding as a marketing tool is emphasized by the fact that, even before the website’s full public opening, hundreds of hotels have already signed in to claim their beachfront qualifications. These include beach resorts from many big name international chains, including Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott, Le Meridien, Westin, Radisson, Barcelo, Renaissance, and others.

Hotels on headlands or cliff tops may also be qualified. The glitzy 5-star resorts mushrooming along the high cliffs of The Bukit in Bali explains the club’s definitions, satisfying the same desire to "return to the ocean" for some people as a trip to a hot, sandy beach does for others. But they must also pass the stringent "no roads" criteria.

The website is being built with interactivity at all levels, and hotels may register and take control of their own 7-page site-within-the-site. Hotels can upload information and photos and return for updating at any time. This service, plus the third-party verification of beachfront location and inclusion in the maps, is completely free.

The club also sells a premium membership for a monthly fee, calculated to match the average daily room rate within each destination. The premium service offers high visibility across the site, a link for visitors to book the member hotel directly, and a range of advantages over the standard, free service.
The club is not a booking engine, however, it does use affiliate partnerships with many well-known booking services to allow visitors to book from each hotel’s pages. Agoda, Kayak, and Orbitz were the first to sign up this new site, and their links are currently being installed.

Hoteliers who believe that their properties qualify can check to see if they are already included among those currently mapped, or contact the club if they have been overlooked in this beta version.

The new beta site is already large, with over 2,200 maps spanning the globe, plus photos and text content to match these. Over the coming months, The Beachfront Club will introduce a full range of new functions, most of them interactive. These will include restaurant and villa members (also right on the beach), ratings and reviews of hotels and beaches, wiki-style adding, and editing of text by visitors and more.

The Beachfront Club believes their new, hi-tech beachfront hotel finder will become a preferred tool for millions of beach-lovers, because it has a direct match with their first aspiration when going on a beach holiday: to sleep "right on the beach" without having to cross roads or contend with traffic. If this happens, the many beach hotels that do not qualify may see potential visitors crossing the road to get closer to the beach, a windfall for certified hotels holding the club’s "true beachfront" stamp of approval.

The Beachfront Club: new global expert on true beachfront hotels
Wailea Beach Marriott / Image via


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