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Live From Aloha Stadium

Hawaii sends warm video postcard to a cold country

Linda Hohnholz, eTN  Jan 25, 2011

(eTN) - While most places on the US mainland are blanketed with snow, what better way to advertise the warmth of the Hawaiian islands than with a 3 1/2-hour video postcard? That is what Hawaii is getting when ABC network broadcasts the 2011 Pro Bowl this Sunday, January 30 (game starts at 7:00 pm EST) from Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Last year there was a big brouhaha when the contract between the NFL and Aloha Stadium expired, and the NFL decided to take the Pro Bowl to Miami, Florida. Soon after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made the decision, football players, coaches, and fans unleashed a torrent of criticism. Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts was quoted then as saying, "If the tradition continues, eventually the game will be held in cities that are not desirable vacation destinations." Clearly, even though they are actually doing their job, the players see the Pro Bowl also as a vacation.

According to a report by KHON-2 News in Honolulu, the event will bring in around US$28 million to the Aloha State. All that and destination advertising around the country where most people are huddled in away from the elements right outside their front door, perhaps dreaming of a vacation in Hawaii.

Hawaii sends warm video postcard to a cold country
Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium in 2009 / Image via

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