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Carrier addresses increasing demand

China Southern Airlines doubles Nepal flights

Jan 24, 2011

KATHMANDU, Nepal - China Southern Airline, a SkyTeam member airline, has doubled its flights from Kathmandu amid increasing demands of incoming tourists and outgoing students and business persons. The airline has added three more flights per week from Sunday. As previously there used to be only 3 flights per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. "Now, the airline will fly every day except on Tuesdays,"said Binod Bogati , Station Manager of the Airlines.

Bogati added that the airline has a wide range of domestic network and also International network in the countries like South Korea, Japan, Australia and various European nations. "Our transit is very limited and also the price is cheaper than the other airline that is why the demand has increased," he added.

He affirmed that there is increasing number of the tourists who are visiting and who are willing to visit Nepal.

In addition, he added that Nepali businessmen are frequently travelling to China for their business and Nepali students are often going to China for the sake of study.

"The flights were flying with 100 percent occupancy for the regular four months from September to December," he said.

Moreover, he added that they found that our customers were diverting towards other airlines and paying higher rates just because they could not manage for the seat in flights.

Upon answering a query on the main purpose of increasing the flight, Bogati said that it is for the business extension, increasing Chinese tourist's access to Nepal and for the increasing demand of Nepalese to visit China for various purposes.

"Another prominent reason for the increase in flight is for national program of Nepal Tourism Year 2011", he said.

Furthermore, he said that this is our endeavor to make the tourism year a success and additional flights will be the milestone for it.

Kamal Regmi, a local travel agent said that with the increase in flights people can easily book the cheap fare seats for our customers.

"Our clients are basically the business persons and the Nepali students; the increase in flight will definitely increase our business too and will be great support to the Nepal Tourism Year 2011," he added.

Nepal has projected China as its second largest market, at the time when country has launched a national tourism campaign "Nepal Tourism Year-2011 (NTY)" to attract more than one million tourists in an international level.

China Southern Airlines doubles Nepal flights
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Source: Xinhua

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