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Araucania Region

Chile rocked by 7.1 magnitude earthquake

eTN Staff Writer  Jan 02, 2011

(eTN) - Araucania, Chile, was hit by a large 7.1 magnitude earthquake today (Sunday, January 2, 2010) at 5:20 pm (UTC - Coordinated Universal Time). The quake measured 16 km in depth.

A preliminary report from the National Earthquake Information Center, US Geological Survey, indicates the quake was located 69 km (43 miles) NW of Temuco, Chile; 160 km (100 miles) N of Valdivia, Chile; 171 km (106 miles) S of Concepcion, Chile; and 589 km (366 miles) SSW of Santiago, Chile.

No reports have been received yet on damage or injuries that may have been caused by the quake.

Chile rocked by 7.1 magnitude earthquake
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