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Disappears On Bike Trip Into Kona

Hawaii Big Island police searching for missing tourist

Dec 30, 2010

HAWAII - Police on the Big Island of Hawaii are searching for Walter Rankin of Florham Park, New Jersey, a 50-year-old tourist who was reported missing. Rankin was last seen on Friday as he headed into town to meet locals in Kona. He had rented a bike at The Queen's Marketplace to make the trip into town.

Rankin is described as a bald African-American at 5-foot-11, 190 pounds. He has many earring piercings and a tattoo of cheetah marks across his back and shoulder. He was last seen wearing black-and-white striped Billabong shorts and white sneakers.

Rankin was last heard from on Saturday from an unknown location, but efforts to contact him on his cell phone have been unsuccessful. He and his girlfriend were scheduled to fly back to the mainland on Tuesday night from the Kona International Airport.

Hawaii Big Island police searching for missing tourist
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