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Uganda Wildlife Authority Board Shake Up

Uganda tourism minister under renewed pressure

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Dec 26, 2010

UGANDA (eTN) - The Attorney General’s Office last weekend published advice sought by government over initial plans to install a caretaker board, following the sacking of the majority of board members on orders of the High Court in Kampala for not being suitable nor qualified as required by the Wildlife Act.

The opinion of the AG’s office is such that the governing law does not provide for caretaker appointments, only for substantive appointments, and the minister is now under pressure to offer stakeholders an acceptable solution, without being dragged back to court once more.

Donors and development partners, especially those who shoulder a huge budgetary support burden for the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), are more than just a little concerned and have privately let it be known that they will deal with the new minister after the next elections in order to repair the damage done to the organization.

None of those this correspondent spoke with was willing to go on record, as such could be interpreted as "interference in Uganda’s internal affairs," as one source put it.

Uganda tourism minister under renewed pressure
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