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Lake Ferry Kalangala

Uganda ferry out of service until next year

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Dec 22, 2010

UGANDA (eTN) - The latest information obtained from the Uganda Ministry of Works and Transport about the hugely important lake ferry connecting Entebbe with the Ssese Islands, is that it will now take until new year before the vessel can return to service. Repairs took longer than anticipated, but generally the public blames the mess on incompetent management and bureaucratic procurement rules, which hindered a swift conclusion of the overdue maintenance.

The latest twist is that the ministry is seeking a new concessionaire and new maintenance arrangements, clearly expressing what the public knew for long, that the present deal was not working out and new blood was needed to turn the fortunes of the ferry operation around.

This correspondent has for long, and initially against howls of outrage, suggested that the initially given repair dates and return to service forecasts were fantastically out of range and probably only meant to string the unsuspecting public along, until it became clear for all to see what was going on.

Lake travelers, in particular the ones wishing to go to the islands over the holidays, may, therefore, still need to take the far less lake canoes or else travel via Masaka and the Butagata ferry crossing.

Uganda ferry out of service until next year
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