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Aviation news: Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority decries loss of air traffic

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Nov 26, 2010

(eTN) - The annual report by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) showed a worrying trend for the year 2009, when a nearly 15 percent drop of aircraft movements was recorded from domestic, regional, and international airlines flying into and around the country. Passenger numbers also fell by nearly 4 percent, and cargo shipments by air suffered substantially in the aftermath of the global financial and economic crisis.

However, a source in Dar es Salaam has assured this correspondent that for the subsequent year 2010, the TCAA expects a recovery of the lost ground and, in fact, hopes to achieve, if not exceed, pre-crisis levels, as interest by international and regional airlines has grown again.

That said, Ugandan aviators continue to demand equitable and fair treatment when flying to Tanzania, as far as access to ALL airfields is concerned but also for immediate issuance of clearances, if not to be given "block clearances" when ferrying passengers from Uganda to Tanzania on chartered flights.

The TCAA has long been accused to be the slowest to react to the political advances of the East African Community and to have erected substantial non-tariff barriers aimed at keeping airlines registered in the other four member states of the East African Community out of their skies.

Aviation news: Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority decries loss of air traffic
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