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TSA to partner with AFA-CWA on aviation security

TSA partners with flight attendants union on security

Nov 21, 2010

WASHINGTON - The Association of Flight Attendants – CWA (AFA-CWA) met with John Pistole, Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to discuss concerns about the enhanced screening processes and to consider establishing alternative screening systems for flight deck and cabin crew, including implementation of systems like CrewPASS at screening checkpoints.

At the meeting members of AFA-CWA secured a commitment from TSA Administrator John Pistole that the agency would partner with AFA-CWA on aviation security. Administrator Pistole pledged, during a November 17, 2010 Senate testimony, that one of his three primary goals for the agency is to strengthen TSA's relationships with stakeholders and the traveling public.

"As first responders, the nation's flight attendants hold a primary stake in aviation security and are the last line of defense," said Veda Shook, incoming president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA.

Alternative screenings, such as Crew Pass identify authorized and trusted crew members at security screening checkpoints.

The Crew Pass process utilizes established security clearances that each aviation employee clears as a condition of employment.

Congress has directed that alternate screening methods include all crew members, including both flight attendants and pilots.

"Alaska Airlines is in the process of working towards implementing an alternative system of security screening for flight attendants and pilots," Shook explained. "The program highlights the importance of all crew members working as a security team for the safety of the crew and traveling public. Alaska Airlines program can serve as a model for the rest of the aviation industry."

TSA partners with flight attendants union on security

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