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Graf Von Goetzen

Former German warship to be made a Tanzania musuem

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Nov 19, 2010

(eTN) - Arguably the oldest ship on the Tanzanian registry is to be turned into a museum, going by reports received from regular sources in Arusha. MV Liemba, formerly named "Graf von Goetzen," was originally built in Germany in 1913, before being shipped to the then German colony Tanganyika, where it was upon the outbreak of World War I deployed as a warship, before the crew scuttled it in 1916 to avoid capture by the British expeditionary forces.
The ship was, however, later on salvaged, repaired, and renamed MV Liemba, when she returned to service in 1927 with a capacity of about 200 tons of cargo and up to 600 passengers.

The plans to turn the vessel into a floating museum and cruiseliner are aimed to attract more tourist visitors to Lake Tanganyika, and the owners and regional authorities in Kigoma are reportedly discussing the project with German counterparts regarding funding and logistical support. Tanzania has many well-known attractions for visiting tourists, but lake tourism, both on Lake Victoria and other lakes like Tanganyika, have not really been tapped into, opening a whole new spectrum of investment opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to take a calculated risk by opening up hitherto undiscovered – by tourism that is – parts of Tanzania.

Former German warship to be made a Tanzania musuem
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