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Radisson Royal Hotel named Leading Luxury Hotel in Russia

Nov 16, 2010

BRUSSELS - The Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, has received the Oscar of the travel industry, as the World Travel Awards named the luxury landmark and former 'Hotel Ukraina' as Russia's Leading Luxury Hotel in the year 2010.

The World Travel Awards are an international organization that stimulates innovation and creativity, and encourages hotels to strive to provide travellers with the best price-quality ratio, thus facilitating competition in the sphere of tourism all over the world.

The World Travel Awards were founded in 1993 and are today considered the top accolade with which a business working within the tourist industry can be recognised. The association's jury is made up of professionals who work within the travel and tourism industry, including 183,000 tourist organizations, travel agencies and transport companies from 160 countries.

"For us, luxury means attention to every detail, it means fulfilling all our promises to our guests, and anticipating their every desire. It is above all a general impression, the ambience of the hotel, and we are proud that our efforts have been recognized with such an award," said Wolfgang Nitschke, general manager of the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow.

This excellent award also recognizes the 3-years of assiduous work which was completed to renovate the hotel and provides a note of thanks in recognition to the motivation of the 1,500 staff members who have succeeded in making the hotel the epitome of beauty, comfort and excellent service among the world's best properties.

The elegant Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow was built between 1953 and 1957 as part of Stalin's Seven Sisters project, boasts landmark status in the heart of the capital city and showcases the impressive styling of Soviet Neo-classicism architecture. Soaring at 206 metres high, this hotel was the largest European hotel of its day.

Radisson Royal Hotel named Leading Luxury Hotel in Russia
The Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow / Image via

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