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American Rewards Employees with $8.8 Million

American Airlines employees receive Customer Experience Rewards payout

Nov 11, 2010

FORT WORTH, Texas - For the seventh consecutive quarter, American Airlines Customer Experience Rewards (a part of American's Annual Incentive Plan) has paid out to employees. On Nov. 12, during Customer Experience Rewards celebrations, American Airlines will award $8.8 million to 63,700 eligible employees for achieving customer satisfaction goals in the third quarter 2010.

"Customer Experience Rewards inspire employees to continuously improve in the areas that matter most to our customers, like their experience at the airport, on the plane and at the baggage carousel," said Craig Kreeger, Senior Vice President ‚Äď Customer Experience. "We are fortunate to have dedicated employees whose innovative ideas and passion for service has created an improved experience that our customers are noticing."

American employees continue to improve and deliver on the customer experience plan. Year-to-date, American has paid out $30.3 million to employees. In 2009, American paid out more than $45 million in Customer Experience Rewards. The incentive plan rewards employees with up to $100 per month for meeting or exceeding customer-satisfaction and on-time performance goals. Delivering improved customer service and dependability supports American's FlightPlan 2020 tenet, "Earn Customer Loyalty."

American Airlines employees receive Customer Experience Rewards payout
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