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Visa and travel restrictions for South Africa

South Africa Airways champions visa waiver to Tanzanians traveling to South Africa

Apolinary Tairo, eTN Tanzania  Nov 06, 2010

After years of pleas to South African government to waive visa requirement for Tanzania citizens entering South Africa, South Africa Airways (SAA) has championed visa waiver to Tanzanians traveling to South Africa

Since the implementation of the transit visa requirement for Tanzanian passport holders to South Africa, SAA had heard Tanzania citizens pleas and championed visa waiver campaign through assistance from South African Higher Commissioner to Tanzania.

Statement issued by SAA over the weekend said that Tanzanian citizens no longer require a visa or transit visa for travel to South Africa, from the first day of November this year.

“With assistance from South Africa's mission in Dar es Salaam, we have finally received a positive result that we are thrilled to share with you. We are ecstatic to announce that our efforts in this regard has paid off, today SAA received confirmation from the South African High of this waiver”, read part of SAA statement.

The visa exemption will affect those Tanzanian travelers on holiday purposes, private and official business visits and those on transit to other destinations, and it will be valid for only 90 days per year.

South Africa which is a member in South African Development Community (SADC) partner states has restricted citizens from its neighbors and other SADC member states including Tanzania to enter Johannesburg or other big cities without a valid visa.

Standing as a single economic giant in Africa, South Africa has been a refuge to economic migrants from all corners of the African continent where migrants from as far as Nigeria flock there, looking for lucrative jobs.

There has been an outcry from Tanzanian citizens complaining of hardships and tough conditions imposed by South African government on visa requirements for Tanzanians entering South Africa. On its part, South African foreign and home offices refused to grant free entry to South African cities in fear of illegal immigrants and criminals from Eastern Africa.

South Africa is a target destination for jobless Tanzanians, uneducated youths and illicit drug dealers from Dar es Salaam who always dream to go to live in South African rich cities; mostly Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

There has been a wave of criminals including vehicle thieves operating between East Africa and South Africa, a situation which had brought together police officers from SADC members and the Interpol to establish special units to control and monitor human movements in Southern African region.

South Africa Airways champions visa waiver to Tanzanians traveling to South Africa

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