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Tanzania Tourism Promotion

Tanzania tourism promoted through English Premier League

Nov 03, 2010

Dar Es Salaam — Droves of soccer fans have lavished praise on the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) for promoting tourist attraction through English Premier League matches.

The TTB has been embarking on the promotion, but many fans were not aware until last Sunday when advertisements appeared during the Newcastle-Sunderland match. Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Mussa Jamal, an ardent soccer fan, lauded the tourism body for embarking on the move.

However, Jamal called on the government to go beyond the English league and market the attractions through the Spanish and Italian leagues. "This is the best move the government has undertaken, but they should advertise through the La Liga and Serie A as well," he said. He added: "At least now they are waking up from a deep slumber, maybe Tanzania will earn a lot of revenue from tourists visiting the country."

Besides, attracting the tourists, Jamal said the move would also prompt the English clubs to raise eyebrow on Tanzanian players. The adverts appear on the matches involving Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Stoke City, Sunderland, West Bromwich and Wolves matches.

The promotional adverts will be displayed on billboards placed within the football pitches in 114 games. The Tanzanian government has forked over Sh800m (£700,000) to the English Football Association for the advertisements.

Tanzania tourism promoted through English Premier League

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