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Of Airlines And Politics

Former Aloha Airlines CEO disputes claim by Governor Lingle

Nov 03, 2010

HONOLULU — Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle's claim that she and Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona helped Aloha Airlines before it collapsed is disputed by airline's ex-CEO David Banmiller.

The Assosiated Press reports that Banmiller says the Lingle Administration instead backed the entry of competitor go! airlines into the island market, which contributed to Aloha's bankruptcy.

Banmiller says requests for financial assistance went unheeded.

According to AP, The flap started last week with a Hawaii Democratic Party ad claiming Aiona, the Republican candidate for governor, "did nothing" to save Aloha Airlines.

Lingle responded by saying she helped secure the pensions of Aloha Airlines employees, tried to stop the airline's shutdown in court and formed a rapid response team for its workers.

Former Aloha Airlines CEO disputes claim by Governor Lingle
Former Aloha Airlines CEO David Banmiller and Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle

Source: AP

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