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Relieved Of Position Before Contract Expiration

Joseph no longer tourism director in Grenada

Linda Straker, eTN  Oct 18, 2010

There has being a major change at the Grenada Board of Tourism (GBT). Almost one year before his contract is due to expire, Mr. William Joseph is no longer the director of tourism in Grenada.

This announcement was made in the offices of GBT on Monday, October 18, 2010 said a statement from the Grenada Board of Tourism, which provide no reason for this immediate termination.

“In the interim,” the statement said, “The board has appointed Ms. Esther Thomas, head of the research and planning department, to serve in the capacity of Acting Director of Tourism.”

Chairman of the board Mr. Richard Strachan confirmed that the departure was due to an arrangement and was not at liberty to speak about it until “certain things were finalized.”

Joseph no longer tourism director in Grenada
William Joseph / Image via

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