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Hotel Design And Construction Egypt Conference

Tourism and hotel industry thriving in Egypt

Oct 10, 2010

CAIRO - Egypt is currently witnessing an unparalleled boom in tourism, which is propelling this historic nation to the forefront of the developing tourism industry. Recent statistics on Euromonitor International indicate that, in the past four years, tourism revenue has increased by 40 percent.

In order to further increase national income from tourism, the country has directed part of the foreign investment capital to construct new hotels to accommodate the growing number of tourists. This trend is the driving force for IQPC's Hotel Design and Construction Egypt, which will take place from December 12-15, 2010.

When asked to describe the current market situation, Simon F. Cooper, president and chief operating officer of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, commented that, "With the growth in tourism, the increasing strength of the Egyptian economy, the sustained development of the infrastructure required, and the investment support from within the Egyptian tourism and hospitality sector, we see expansion within Egypt to be an important future strategy."

It appears not only leading hotel operators are looking to branch into this emerging market. Cooper's sentiments were echoed by HGBD Arabia's Waleed Mohammed Abdel Saleem. In a recent survey, the Design Divison manager gave his opinion on the Egyptian tourism market saying, "Egypt is a healthy and profitable market, there are lots of areas that need resorts and hotels."
Experts have indicated that there needs to be a level of sophistication in designing and constructing hotels to fit the demands of the increasing tourism boom.

With an evolving industry, it is vital for industry leaders to stay up to date and transport the emerging tourism market in this region to a wel- established and competent market. As was outlined, this region holds a great potential for future construction projects in the tourism industry, and there is no doubt that the demand is there. In order for hotel owners to learn more about the direction of the market, it is paramount to network with and understand the unique challenges in the design and construction industry for Egyptian hotels.

Hotel Design and Construction Egypt will provide case studies on landmark designs, consider the challenges in guaranteeing sustainability and maintainability of hotel projects and will present industry insider techniques on ensuring the legacy of developments through cultural and demand-driven relevance. Held in Cairo, Egypt, from December 12-15, 2010, the launch in IQPC's hotel design events will bring together international key speakers to share best-practice methods of ensuring responsible tourism during the design stage, adhering to green building regulations and harmonizing stakeholder's expectations in order to achieve brand characteristics from design through to construction.

Tourism and hotel industry thriving in Egypt
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