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Founder of the Mob Tours in Niagara Falls, New York joins Sandy

An Offer You Cannot Refuse

Sandy Dhuyvetter, TravelTalkRADIO  Sep 27, 2010

We found Mike through our social media network and learned that he has created a unique tour experience based in Niagara Falls that presents a look at the life and times of the powerful and deadly mafia boss Don Stefano “The Undertaker” Magaddino.

Flying under the radar of the American public and the FBI in Upstate New York, “Big Steve” was the “boss of the bosses,” in the Cosa Nostra. A dozen sites including former homes of the untouchables, gambling houses, a mob museum and the actual funeral home operated by the Magaddino family (how convenient!) are all on the itinerary. Taking a ride with Mike will not leave you sleeping with the fishes.

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An Offer You Cannot Refuse
Michael Rizzo, Founder of the Mob Tours in Niagara Falls, New York

Source: TravelTalkRADIO

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