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best cocktail bars in US

25 best cocktail bars in America named

Sep 22, 2010

NEW YORK - To compile and rank the nation's best cocktail bars for the October issue, GQ traveled over 30,000 miles, visited twenty-one cities and 102 bars, and drank more than 400 cocktails, before finally selecting Seattle's Zig Zag Cafe as the number one bar on the list. At Zig Zag Cafe, "patrons come for the easy conversation and the drink-all-day coziness. Above all, though, they come for the cocktails of Murray Stenson. The man is effortlessly talented, a bartender superhero. In fact, he may be the country's best," writes Kevin Sintumuang. "Each drink Murray pours is a mini-revelation, an introduction to rare spirits and a bold use of common ones." Here is complete list of the best cocktail bars in America:

2: Angel's Share โ€“ New York

3: The Violet Hour โ€“ Chicago

4: Clover Club โ€“ Brooklyn

5: The Alembic โ€“ San Francisco

6: Death & Co โ€“ New York

7: PDT โ€“ New York

8: PX โ€“ Alexandria, VA

9: Comstock Saloon โ€“ San Francisco

10: Holeman & Finch โ€“ Atlanta

11: Tiki-ti โ€“ Los Angeles

12: The Patterson House โ€“ Nashville

13: Eastern Standard โ€“ Boston

14: Rickhouse โ€“ San Francisco

15: Anvil โ€“ Houston

16: Arnaud's French 75 โ€“ New Orleans

17: Elixir โ€“ San Francisco

18: Columbia Room โ€“ Washington, D.C.

19: Cole's โ€“ Los Angeles

20: The Whistler โ€“ Chicago

21: Drink โ€“ Boston

22: Pegu Club โ€“ New York

23: The Edison โ€“ Los Angeles

24: The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. โ€“ Philadelphia

25: Needle and Thread โ€“ Seattle

25 best cocktail bars in America named
Zig Zag Cafe, Seattle / Image via

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