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New Delhi Shooting

Minister appeals to tourists not to panic, says India safe destination

Sep 20, 2010

New Delhi - As Britain and Australia issued travel advisories asking their nationals to be vigilant, Union Tourism Minister Kumari Selja appealed to tourists not to panic, while condemning the shooting of 2 Taiwanese tourists.

"India is a safe destination and safety and security of tourists is utmost concern of the Government," Selja said.

"The attack on tourists shows desperation of those elements who want to create panic in the society by attacking innocent people, she added.

"Investigation agencies are at work to bring the culprits to book," she said.

Two persons riding a motorbike shot at the two Taiwanese who were traveling in a tourist bus. Police and witnesses said eight to ten rounds of fire were directed at the bus before the attackers escaped.

One of victims was injured in his skull and the other in his abdomen.

The attack on Taiwanese came just two weeks before the Commonwealth Games which start Oct 3. A high alert was issued by the police in the national capital Sunday and security was tightened.

The British High Commission's advisory, said: 'There is a high threat from terrorism throughout India. Terrorists have targeted places in the past which Westerners are known to visit, including public places such as restaurants, hotels, railway stations, markets and places of worship.'

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) updated its travel advice following Sunday's attack, saying there is a 'high risk of a terrorist attack' in New Delhi, reported.

Delhi Police said that it is still questioning the eyewitnesses in relation to the incident.

Minister appeals to tourists not to panic, says India safe destination
Union Tourism Minister Kumari Selja / Image via AFP

Source: ANI, IANS

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