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California born, Mona Naffa offers Service, Value and a Fabulous Experience

Jordanian American finds recipe for success

Sandy Dhuyvetter, BusinessTravelRADIO  Sep 13, 2010

California born, Mona Naffa, joins Sandy to celebrate travel inside Jordan, where her roots run deep. Mona's father is a prestigious professor in both the US and Jordan, and Mona's Mother, was Miss Jordan in the 1960's.

Now as an entrepreneur and founder of STI-Jordan, Mona is offering a full service tour operation, based in Amman. As the Expedia partner for all things Jordan, Mona is the answer for all Jordan products and services offered by Expedia.

Her mantra of service, value and providing a fabulous experience are her companies cornerstone. Perhaps at the heart of her business is her true understanding of what her American clientele wants. This week Mona brings us a special look at museums in Amman and introduces us to Raja Gargour, The Director of the Royal Automobile Museum

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Jordanian American finds recipe for success
Mona Naffa, President of STI-Jordan

Source: BusinessTravelRADIO

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