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Israeli Travel Warning

Israel issues travel warning for Muslim states

Sep 08, 2010

JERUSALEM — Israel's intelligence community has warned nationals against vacations in Arab or Muslim states.

The prime minister's office has issued a warning for Israelis to avoid a range of Arab and Muslim states over the next month. The warning on Aug. 25 was meant to guide Israelis on where to take vacations during the Jewish holidays in September.

"Absolutely avoid visiting or staying in Arab, Islamic and other countries about which travel warnings have been issued," the prime minister's office said in a statement.

The travel warning did not add to the list of countries that Israelis should avoid. But the government statement stressed that Iran and its proxy, Hizbullah, were seeking to abduct or kill Israelis abroad.

"Hizbullah and Iran have accused Israel of attacking their personnel, which increases the threat of attacks on Israelis — especially senior officials and former senior officials who are now in private business — abroad," the statement said.

The travel warning also urged Israelis abroad to reject unsolicited or unexpected offers. This included invitations to meetings with either unfamiliar people or in remote areas.

"Avoid entering the hotel rooms or private residences of suspect or unfamiliar persons," the travel warning said. "During prolonged stays abroad, take care to vary routines. For example, change hotels, restaurants, itineraries, etc. from time to time."

Over the last two years, Hizbullah was said to have attempted to abduct or kill Israelis in Europe and Asia. None of the plots were said to have succeeded.

Israel issues travel warning for Muslim states
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