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false pilot qualifications

Chinese aviation regulators say pilots issue resolved

Li Xiaowei  Sep 08, 2010

China’s aviation regulator said cases of false pilot qualifications reported by Chinese media dated back to 2008 and had been resolved.

The regulator provided details on the issue at a recent conference on airline safety to serve as a reminder to the industry, the Civil Aviation Administration of China said in a statement on its website today.

An investigation in 2008 found 192 pilots had insufficient flying experience, and all were given compulsory training before they were permitted to fly, the regulator said. Authorities have also strengthened entry procedures for pilots and will deal with similar problems severely, it said.

Chinese authorities conducted an investigation after a plane crash last month and found more than 200 commercial pilots lied about their qualifications and flying records, said Sept. 6, citing an unidentified official at the regulator. At least half the pilots worked for Shenzhen Airlines, the parent company of Henan Airlines, the news portal said.

A Henan Airlines plane crashed in Yichun, northeast China, on Aug. 24, killing at least 42 of the 96 people on board, according to the official Xinhua News Agency. The airline is an affiliate of Air China Ltd., the world’s largest carrier by market value.

Chinese aviation regulators say pilots issue resolved
Henan Airlines jet crash site / Image via

Source: Bloomberg

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