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East Africa aviation academy to sell off land

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Sep 06, 2010

UGANDA (eTN) - Alarming news has reached supporters of East Africa’s single publicly-owned aviation academy in Soroti, designated by the East African Community as an educational center of excellence. Land belonging to the flying school appears to have been earmarked for selling off in an act of divestiture but has met stiff opposition by the school’s board, management, the area MP, and other members of parliament, who brought the machinations into the public domain, after alerting the local media to these plans.

It is not clear what motive the promoters of this scheme have, but should the school be revamped as is planned and turned into what it could and should be, the half square mile of land may well be needed in the future, be it for buildings, runway extensions, or as emergency drill area. Also reportedly included in the proposed sell off are staff houses, probably one of the reasons the opposition to the scheme was swift and is gathering momentum.

East Africa aviation academy to sell off land
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