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Ocean Terrorists

Tanzania to boost naval capacity to guard against pirates


By Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN | Sep 05, 2010

Tanzania to boost naval capacity to guard against pirates
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(eTN) - The Somali sea pestilence, aka pirates, aka ocean terrorists, will have another thing coming soon should they try to enter Tanzanian waters, which extends 200 miles into the open Indian Ocean from its shores and has, in the past, seen the terrorists crisscross the vast area in the absence of deterrent and detection.

Information from Dar es Salaam is now telling a different story, as the capacity of the Tanzanian navy is apparently being boosted by friendly nations, as is the case also in Kenya and the Seychelles, also affected by the pirate trade. State-of-the-art detection and surveillance equipment is being procured and will be installed soon, while the navy is also due for new fast boats able to chase, engage, and neutralize the pirate’s motherships and skiffs, once detected by shore based personnel.

This will be good news for shipping, which has suffered sharply risen insurance costs and delays due to taking wider routes around the areas infested by the Somalis. Importers and exporters will also be breathing a sigh of relief once the new equipment is operational.


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