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Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Investment

Barbados hotels invest in safety and security

Aug 21, 2010

Executive Vice President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA), Sue Springer, emphasised the necessity for Barbados to maintain a high standard of safety and security in the tourism sector at the 5th Annual Multi-Hazard Disaster Management Symposium.

“Safety and security is actually a brand element for Barbados. It is also a key component in maintaining competitiveness within tourism and within the economy of the island. Integrity and economic viability of the Barbados tourism product can be compromised if measures are not in place to create a secure destination. If people do not feel that they are travelling to somewhere that is secure, then why should they choose to come there for the experience of a vacation?” Springer noted.

In order to uphold Barbados’ integrity as a premier travel destination, the BHTA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, the Barbados Tourism Authority and others, has invested to the tune of over $360 000.

The BHTA has been working closely with the Royal Barbados Police Force in several areas.
“We have also worked with the Royal Barbados Police Force regarding CCTV’s. Twenty-seven cameras have no been put up in locations on the south coast and they are being operated from the new command centre at the District A Police Station,” Mrs. Springer said.

The BHTA has also donated two Segways to the RBPF in order to assist in their policing of the newly established boardwalk.

Visitors are also being given the opportunity to have their say on their experience of Barbados via a flyer and form that has been placed in hotel rooms and is distributed by tour operators. The flyer provides advice for visitors on making sure their belongings are safely kept, on the common dress code and that drugs are illegal among other things. On the back of the flyer is a section called ‘Zero Tolerance’ and it provides a forum for visitors who have been approached for the sale of drugs to actually send information to the police.

Barbados hotels invest in safety and security
Source: The Barbados Advocate

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