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President Kagame Re-elected

Peace prevails in Rwanda presidential election

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Aug 16, 2010

(eTN) - As suggested by this correspondent in several articles leading up to the presidential elections in Rwanda, it was indeed the case as the "land of a thousand hills," Rwanda, went to the polls on Monday, August 9, that voting took place in a secure and peaceful fashion right across the country.

President Paul Kagame was re-elected to a seven-year term by about 93 percent of the votes.

Tourism sources expressed their immediate delight that all went well and that none of the thousands of tourist visitors had their itineraries disturbed or were in any way affected by the elections.

Said one regular source in Kigali in an overnight telephone conversation: "Things went very well here in Kigali, but we also asked visitors coming back to Kigali today from the Parc de Volcanoes where they tracked gorillas. They confirmed there was nothing which could have disturbed them or upset them, and they commented favorably on the organization and orderly conduct at polling stations they saw from their vehicles as they returned to the capital. The new Rwanda stands for peace, reconciliation, and to live in harmony with each other, and this policy paid us off very handsomely in tourism over the past years. The sector just grew phenomenally beyond expectations. Rwanda is not risking economic prosperity through political squabbles; I am very happy that we now have this continuity at the top and can go on with firm leadership for the next seven years."

Peace prevails in Rwanda presidential election
Uganda President Kagame / Image via

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