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Airport news: Zanzibar International Airport expanded and renamed

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Aug 12, 2010

(eTN) - The recently-expanded runway of the spice island’s international airport, Zanzibar, was officially opened last week. The rehabilitation and extension of the airport’s single runway now permits larger wide-bodied airplanes to land, as operations into Zanzibar were hitherto restricted to smaller aircraft like the B737, the Bombardier CRJ and larger turboprop planes being able to land and take off. At the opening ceremony it was also announced to change the current name "Kisauni" to "Abeid Karume International Airport" in recognition of the first president of Zanzibar.

The tourism sector of Zanzibar expressed satisfaction over the completion of the work at the airport and are now busy lobbying international tour operators and airlines to fly either nonstop or via another airport in the region to Zanzibar, so that tourists can reach the island from Europe and elsewhere without having to change planes enroute.

Zanzibar only last week underwent a referendum to create a government of national unity between ruling party and the opposition, to end constant political arguments and prevent the periodic outbreak of violence prior and after elections, which had in the past led to unfavorable anti-travel advisories.

Airport news: Zanzibar International Airport expanded and renamed
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