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Duke Kahanamoku Among First Of 9 Legendary Inductees To Be Honored At August 24 Ceremony

Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation and Primo Beer creae Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame

Aug 10, 2010

HONOLULU, HI – The Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation (ODKF) and Primo Beer announced today that they have teamed up to create a hall of fame recognizing Hawaii’s accomplished watermen and waterwomen. The inaugural class of the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame will be honored at the first-ever Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Outrigger Canoe Club on August 24, the 120th anniversary of Duke Kahanamoku’s birthday.

Nine ocean and water sports legends of Hawaii are in the inaugural class of inductees, including three posthumous honorees:

• Eddie Aikau – Surfing, Ocean Safety Lifeguard
• Wally Froiseth – Surfing, Canoe Paddling
• Fred Hemmings – Surfing
• Duke Kahanamoku – Surfing, Swimming, Canoe Paddling
• Buffalo Keaulana – Surfing, Ocean Safety Lifeguard
• Rabbit Kekai – Surfing, Canoe Paddling
• Keo Nakama – Swimming
• Nappy Napolean – Canoe Paddling
• Rell Sunn – Surfing, Paddling, First Female Lifeguard

“We’re excited about launching the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame to honor Hawaii’s legendary kane and wahine o ke kai,” said Tim Guard, ODKF president. “We’re also proud to announce that our organization’s inspiration, Duke Kahanamoku, will be among the first inductees into the hall of fame. Mahalo to Primo for partnering with ODKF to bring this worthy idea to fruition.”

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this effort to celebrate the legendary men and women who have paved the way for Hawaii’s ocean-sports athletes,” said Primo Beer ambassador Keoni Watson. “One of our company goals is to help preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and environment, so we’re very pleased to partner with ODKF.”

The nine honorees will be the first inductees into the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame, which will be housed at The Grand Waikikian™ resort near the beautiful Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. This display will enshrine all inductees and serve as a Who’s Who of the Hawaii waterman community for both residents and visitors. “Mahalo to Hilton for providing this display area to showcase Hawaii’s waterman tradition. This location fits perfectly given this area is where the Kahanamoku ohana lived and raised their family,” Guard said.

“The creation of a waterman hall of fame is long overdue,” said Ralph Goto, ODKF board member, a member of the committee that selected the nine inductees, and administrator of the Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division for the City and County of Honolulu. “Hawaii has a rich history of producing some of the world’s best athletes in water sports, and that tradition continues on today. We’re excited about paying tribute to the deserving watermen and waterwomen of Hawaii with this inaugural class of nine honorees, all of who have been at the forefront in helping to establish the Hawaiian Islands as the center of the water-sports universe.”

Selection criteria used to determine the inaugural honorees included:

• Keiki o ka aina/Keiki o ke kai
• Sustained outstanding contribution to the sport
• International, national, and local accomplishment and recognition

“The inaugural class of inductees is very special,” Guard said. “They are all accomplished athletes in several areas, not just a single discipline. They also set an excellent standard for future inductees.”

ODKF and Primo Present the Waterman Hall of Fame induction ceremony on August 24
ODKF and Primo Beer will host the inaugural Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dinner on August 24, 2010, 6:00 pm, at the Outrigger Canoe Club. Inductees of the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame will be honored at the event.

For more information, visit or call ODKF at 808-545-4880.

About Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation
ODKF is a public nonprofit foundation created with the mission to financially support the development of individuals and organizations perpetuating the spirit and legacy of Duke Kahanamoku. In 2010, ODKF awarded US$155,000 in college scholarships and athletic grants to 92 individuals and nonprofit organizations involved in water sports and volleyball in Hawaii. Awardees included college-bound scholar-athletes from Hawaii, accomplished individuals and teams competing overseas, and nonprofit organizations supporting water sports and volleyball programs in the islands. For more information, visit .

About Primo Beer
Primo dates back to 1897 when it was first brewed by Hawaiian Brewing and Malting Company. Today, Primo is a craft-brewed beer with a flavor developed in Hawaii for Hawaii. Primo has the smoothness and drinkability of a light lager with a satisfying taste for today's beer drinkers. Primo is also proud to support its surrounding communities by donating a portion of the proceeds from each case of Primo to nonprofit organizations that help preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and environment. For more information about Primo Beer, visit .

Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation and Primo Beer creae Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame
Inductees Buffalo Keaulana, Fred Hemmings & Nappy Napolean / Photo from


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