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Kenya Flights

Fly540 adding Kisumu stop on weekend flights

Wolfgang H. Thome, eTN  Aug 09, 2010

(eTN) - The original regional low-cost airline in Africa, Fly 540, has introduced Kisumu as an add-on destination to one each of their Saturday and Sunday flights between Nairobi and Entebbe, offering for the first time for many, the option to fly on a scheduled service between the two lakeside city destinations.

Saturday’s morning flight will route NBO KIS EBB KIS NBO as will the Sunday evening flight, giving ample time for visitors to see the sights. The cost for a regular return flight was given at US$185 inclusive of all regulatory charges, and the inaugural flight took place the first weekend in August.

Tour packages are at this moment not available yet but are expected to be launched soon, giving travelers a variety of options as to how best to spend a day and night in each destination, either Kisumu, Kenya, or in Entebbe, Kampala.

Near Kisumu are Lake Victoria island resorts and fishing camps available for overnight stays as are game reserves and a national park for a day out on safari, in addition to the opportunity to see the paternal home of current US President Obama, which is located just a few kilometers from the city’s airport. The Rusinga Island Camp in particular is highly recommended and should absolutely be part of Fly540’s upcoming package deals where visitors can be picked up from the airport by the camp vehicle or, against some added fee, take the speedboat to the island. Visit for more details and bookings.

Visitors coming to Entebbe can see and explore the famous Botanical Gardens; the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre with rare and exotic animals, birds, reptiles, and medicinal plants and trees; or else take a boat ride from the Entebbe pier to Ngamba Island where a large chimpanzee colony can be seen in a tropical forest and where a tourist camp also allows to spend the night. Details of this camp, operated by Wild Frontiers Uganda, can be found via .

Well done 540 for re-connecting more and more of East Africa ‚Äď now let‚Äôs just do away with the nuisance visa requirements for East African residents duly registered in one of the East African Community member states wishing to travel to another, to encourage regional tourism.

Fly540 adding Kisumu stop on weekend flights
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