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Popular Vacation Spot Is Scorching

Will blazing Moscow temps keep summer tourists away?

Jul 28, 2010

At a time of year when travelers are looking to escape the summer heat, scorching temperatures in Moscow last week are still climbing, and today was one for the record books - 36 degrees C (96.8 degrees F). It was hotter in Moscow today than it was in Bangkok. Maybe that is why one tour operator is giving away a vacation to the city.

Even Moscow's legendarily grumpy traffic-cops have been allowed to come to work in shorts and sandals, and shirtsleeves and cut-off trousers and breeches seem to be standard office wear these days. Restaurants are running out of ice as freezers fail to keep up with demand. Younger people found alternative ways to cool-off in a flashmob water-fight yesterday at the pleasure-park, which was formerly the USSR's "Exhibition Of Economic Achievement." Pavement cafes report booming business, and supplies of cold drinks - especially Diet Coke - have been running out in many outlets and shops.

Some parts of the city reported poor air-quality as smog from burning peat-bogs outside the city was blown into the city center. There is no immediate let-up in the weather being forecasted, and even flash rainstorms on Sunday evening failed to cool the temperatures.

Meteorologists are predicting that this abnormally hot weather will continue through to the end of July and into the first week of August. The hot weather remains centered on the European part of Russia - at Siberia's Lake Baikal, a popular summer vacation-spot.

If you want to win to experience this record heat for yourself, a free trip to Russia for two is currently on offer at: . Good luck and happy sweating!

Will blazing Moscow temps keep summer tourists away?
Moscow shrouded by acrid smoke from forest and peat fires compounded by the heat / Image via ITN


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