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2 for 1 deals in London

Travel deal: EPok re-launches its 2 for 1 London Pack

Jul 26, 2010

Tourists visiting London who intend to eat out in central London restaurants or go to the theatre are guaranteed to make £200 worth of savings with a newly launched discount pack., based in London, has re-launched its EPok London Pack so that London tourists can get 2 for 1 deals in London and save money on eating out and going out.

The EPok London Pack contains money off coupons for the theatres, restaurants and bars of central London. Visitors can buy the Pack from the website or selected travel agents and are guaranteed to make at least £200 worth of savings or they get their money back on the Pack price.

"Visitors to London tend to get ripped off and pay more for things than they have to because they don't about these London deals," said Norman Peters, co-founder of

"Eating out in London is a tourist's biggest expense. Yet they can cut that expense by half simply by using the deals in our Pack, he said."

Not surprisingly, the most popular items in the EPok London Pack are the 2 for 1 meal deals for various London restaurants. Restaurants range from quite expensive to simple casual dining and if you tell what type of cuisine you don't like, they won't give you deals for that type of cuisine.

But the Pack doesn't just have money saving deals and offers. It also has practical advice to help a tourist fit in more easily and feel more like a Londoner than a tourist. To help a tourist do this the Pack has a free guide titled, 'What Every Tourist Ought To Know About London.'

The guide covers topics such as how to get 2 for 1 deals at some of the most famous London attractions, what to wear so you don't feel like a tourist and how much to tip in London.

Also included in the Pack is a What's on in London guide specific for the time you're in London. So if there's a local event on that's just been announced, you'll know about it.

"We think the What's on in London guide is one of the unsung heroes of the Pack. It's all well and good knowing what sights you're going to see. But what are you going to do in the evenings or when the sightseeing is over. That's when you'll be glad you had the guide and the Pack," said Mr Peters.

The EPok London Pack is available now from or you can ask your travel agent. It costs £35 and comes with a full money back guarantee.

Travel deal: EPok re-launches its 2 for 1 London Pack
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