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Advice For Bargain Hunters

UK post office says travel insurance is not where travelers should cut back

Jul 15, 2010

Recent research shows that the number of overseas holidays taken by UK residents in 2009 fell by 14.5 percent as UK holidaymakers sought ways to cut back holiday costs by either taking a staycation or cutting back on travel costs by taking fewer short breaks, rather spending more time abroad on a single break.

Whatever the length of holiday, the post office is encouraging all tourists to ensure they take out the necessary target="_blank">travel insurance cover before heading off on holiday.

The rise of people searching for ways to cut back on holiday costs has led to increased interest in people seeking a better deal through holiday auctions and pop-up hotels. According to eBay, the price of auctioned holidays has fallen by 20 percent in the last three months. Over this period, the number of people purchasing holidays through their bidding site has risen.

The UK post office advises anyone planning to take a holiday, including those using auction sites, to research their target="_blank">travel insurance options carefully before they go. Should travelers have any queries about their rights regarding a holiday bought by auction, they are advised to contact the auction site.

The UK post office also reminds holidaymakers that target="_blank">travel insurance should be considered essential in case of any loss, damage, or theft of luggage, whether traveling in the UK or abroad. The post office reminds travelers that travel insurance is vital no matter which method is used to book a holiday.

UK post office says travel insurance is not where travelers should cut back
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