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Delta Air Lines Fined By DOT

Delta's trade name violation results in $40K penalty

Jul 12, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS — The Transportation Department is hitting Delta Air Lines with a $40,000 penalty for failing to tell some customers that their flights would be operated under the "Delta Connection" name.

Some Delta flights are operated by feeder airlines with the "Delta Connection" name painted on the plane. Delta's own website, as well as other ticket vendors, correctly showed the airline operating the flight, but did not tell travelers it would be under the "Delta Connection" name. The government says the mistake could confuse travelers.

The order on Friday also covers Northwest Airlines, which Delta bought in 2008.

Delta fixed the problem when it found out about it, and agreed to the compromise penalty. Another $40,000 will be due if Delta does it again.

Delta's trade name violation results in $40K penalty
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